“After what felt like an endless battle against reoccurring mastitis 3 months postpartum, I was almost ready to give up entirely on breastfeeding but that’s when Andi came into the picture. She was the first person to really listen to my story and hear me out on all that I had tried, what was working and what wasn’t. She worked with me in a very inclusive way and helped me to understand exactly what the homeopathic remedies she recommended were doing for my body and really clearly explained how to properly use them. I don’t know what would have happened if I didnt find her when i did but i am happy to say she was so right- it got better. I am still bfeeding at 8 months and am not planning on stopping anytime soon and I know her encouragement and wealth of resources played a part in my journey. She truly is full of wisdom and a joy to work with! Her compassion and warmth runs deep and to this day I am so grateful for the interactions I have had with her. ” E.C.


“I highly recommend Andi! I have never felt more cared for, loved, and had such amazing results! I had seen doctors for months without being able to resolve my daughters health issues. Andi came as a true answer to prayer. Within minutes of taking the remedy and drinking the tea that Andi recommended, my daughter was smiling, happy and slept so incredibly well! Not only that, but Andi also took time to find out how to help and encourage me, both physically and emotionally. I had been working so hard to take care of my daughter that I didn’t even know how much help I needed…and it was so wonderful to feel cared for and well rested(something I had not felt in months!). Thank you!” – K.J.

“I feel very blessed to have Andrea as a friend. Her wisdom as an herbalist is exceptional. My family and I have loved every product of hers we have tried, and we plan to try many more! I’m sure her caring and compassionate personality makes her an outstanding doula as well. If I ever find myself in the position to need a doula I will be hiring her. I would highly recommend any and all or her services to anyone in need of a phenomenal doula and herbalist!!” – L.S.

“For about 6 weeks after my second baby ‘s birth, Andrea came once a week and helped…dishes, laundry, holding baby so I could shower and sleep…it was amazing! And she is also really good at providing intelligent and interesting conversation during those isolated “stuck at home ” weeks. Her herbal remedies and teas are incredible, especially her postnatal builder tea. I have the privilege of being her friend, and I can tell you, this woman has a gift for serving others. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a postpartum doula or herbalist!” – E