My Favorite Online Resources

Wellness Mama – I can easily get lost in Katie’s website! She has such great information on everything from homemade cosmetics to natural child spacing. While, of course, I don’t agree with every little bit of information, it’s always useful to have and more often than not I find her a real valuable voice amongst the opinions on the internet.

Susun Weed and the Wise Woman Way – So. Much. Information! But I love Susun and have been studying her work for the past decade at least. She graciously shares so much of her experience and wisdom online through her site.

Growing Up Herbal – This is one of the very few website/blogs that I *make* time to read. Meagan puts out some awesome information as well as recipes, stories and other goodies all centered around “Living Life Naturally”. I frequently refer to her site for resources on common ailments, recipes for herbal preparations and plain old parenting advice. Not only is it a valuable source of information, but she has a delightful writing style that is easy to understand and identify with. I think most mothers (even the ones who aren’t particularly “crunchy”) would find a great deal of worthy material in her posts.

The Medicine Woman’s Roots – Another site/blog that I won’t be able to say enough good about. Kiva Rose is something of a renegade herbal-wise-woman and I love her. She has a real heart for people, plants and bioregional herbalism and therefore just about everything she writes resonates deeply with me.

Mountain Rose Herbs – I’ve been ordering from Mountain Rose Herbs for years and years and am never disappointed. They have reasonable prices, exceptional customer service and outstanding quality. They are a great source for ethically sound products for your family’s medicine chest.

Evidence Based Birth – If you or someone you know is pregnant, has a baby or was at some time a baby themselves, you will probably find something of value on this site. Excellent, empowering information for Mothers and the people who love and care for them.