What is A Doula?

“Should I sleep or should I shower? I could sleep *in* the shower –but I’m also starving!”

I’ve certainly been there – so many times!
This is a situation where a Doula could really help.
But what IS a doula?
A doula is a woman (or man!) who Serves, Helps and Supports.
Some doulas work based on their own experience and beliefs and some go through very extensive training. Some doulas specialize in serving during labor and delivery, some doulas come in afterward and help everyone adjust to life with a new baby. Regardless of our gender, educational backgrounds, personal beliefs or specialities, doulas constantly strive to provide the highest quality care for Every Family with open hearts, willing hands and a large carpet bag full of tips, tricks and techniques to help your family transition with grace and joy.
Just imagine with me for a moment; your doula comes and plays with the baby while you shower (*and* shave, *and* wash your hair, *and* brush your teeth…) and then when you reappear, clear and clean, she fixes you a nutritious little meal that perfectly fits your dietary requirements while you nurse your little one. After that, when the baby is groggy and full, you let the doula rock them to sleep while you go take a well-deserved nap. You end the day feeling refreshed and restored, ready to take on – – – the next day!
Whether this is your first child or your tenth, the postpartum months often play like an old record. But sleep deprivation, starvation and skanky hair don’t have be reoccurring themes. Having some real, honest-to-goodness, physical help even just once a week is often enough to break the cycles that lead to postpartum depression, chronic sleep deprivation and a host of other troublesome issues that can plague a new mother and her family.
This is what Doulas DO! This is what I do and it is my passion and my joy, seeing these cycles broken and watching supportive, wholesome traditions be born in their place.

About Me:
I am a postpartum doula and herbalist practicing in the Midcoast region. I provide physical, mental and emotional support for Newborn Mothers and their families during the childbearing year; before, during and after pregnancy. I am a folk herbalist, which means that I focus on local and indigenous herbs, nourishing the body and supporting its systems in a gentle, holistic way.

I have two children of my own and understand the needs particular to this time of life and have made it my life’s work to Be There for other Mothers wherever they are on their path of life. Every woman has a unique journey, and no matter what that looks like for you, I would be honored to be a part of it.
I am now accepting clients and would be happy to talk to you during a free consultation.

Andrea Gaylor